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Alex Tello



Alex Tello was born and raised in Venice Beach, California. At the age of 15, Alex began acting classes at the Beverly Hills studios in Santa Monica. Throughout his high school years, Alex made appearances in theatrical plays at St. Bernard’s High School in Playa Del Rey. After graduating high school in 1998, Alex attended Santa Monica College and continued taking acting classes. During his time in college, Alex decided to learn more of a technical craft. In 2000 he enrolled at Sound Master recording studios and learned the craft of sound engineering and video post production. In 2001 he graduated and began to work in the wonderful world of Post-Production. Alex has over 15 years experience in film production. His Award winning Documentary Furthest From the Wild is currently available on most major platforms. He is now creating the TV series based on the film.  

Sam Tello



Samuel Tello in 2008, wrote a simple story about a lonesome office worker and soon after directed his award winning short film, The Mustard Stain. After considerably optimistic reviews from the film festival circuit he decided to dedicate himself to writing and producing. Sam now has written several more short films as well as producing a full feature drama currently in post-production.

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